After much discussion we have come to the conclusion about D's name. We have a few that we love and a few that everyone else loves too. The winner for the survey was Jax followed by Grayson and Ryland. Funny thing about that is that we always knew that the name would not be Grayson or Ryland, but everyone loved it so it kept making the survey's. Thanks for all the votes and for playing the game!

Our favorites were either Jax, Amos or Theo. I LOVE Theo, but Aaron and everyone else for that matter always mentions the Cosby Show when they hear that name. I didn't care, but Aaron did care. We both liked Jax, but it never really looked like D to us. The one that we both really liked and that seemed to “fit” D is Amos.

So, without further delay I would like to announce that D's name will be AMOS.

Amos Ivey.


A couple of things about Amos  from this past week are:
* I sent a package to him via Zach (Licia and Lori's dad) who is flying to Haiti next Tuesday, we bought him a shirt and bought about 5 pair of shorts for him and some more boys in the RC, we also bought two onesies for girls (Target had a huge sale on summer clothes – the onesies were 98 cents and we got the last two!), we got two boxes of jelly beans for him and his friends, some bath toys (although I know they don't actually get in a bath tub, but they do bathe in tubs and can play with them in other creative ways), some cars for him and his buddies, a stuffed tiger for him to love on and think of us when he sees it, a few pictures of us, and two of Aaron's cd's for them to play for the kids in the rescue center. I can't wait to see pics of him with his stuff, and to hear how they like the music.

* I talked with Licia this week and she said that she thinks that he has changed since we decided to adopt him. She said that it is as if he knows that something good will happen to him. She said that he has changed and is even gaining weight now. You have no idea how that makes me feel. I teared up when I heard that. God is working in his life and providing love and hope for him. My prayers are being answered. He is in great hands down there.

* We had our first home study meeting yesterday with Lisa. It went great. I have only a few more things to send her and then we'll be done with that! I have about 7 documents already for our dossier and after the home study is done I can dive into that 100%. I want to get everything done so quickly.

So, that is an update on our adoption ….

Keep praying!