Today’s guest on THE HAPPY HOUR is my friend Ashley Benson. Ashley and I actually grew up together in Brownwood, TX and then reconnected later in life. Ashley is married, mother of two, pilates instructor, health advocate, and much more that involves health and fitness.


In this episode Ashley and I talk about her starting a small business as a personal trainer, why she started her health/fitness blog, her daughters new farm school, vacationing on a sailboat, tye4 (a new pilates method that she's teaching), renewing your wedding vows, dating, and I think she might have sold me on this fitness vacation idea by the end of our conversation!

 Links from the show:

ashdance5I told you that we were in dance together.  Here's proof above. I'm in the pictures on the left behind Ashley to her right. I can't believe I actually did dance!


Here is Ashley leading Meghan and I in a tye4 workout. Don't we look like pro's! It was super easy and fun as well as a great workout!


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