“The same way you fall in love with your favorite authors and storytellers, whether it’s through movies or podcasts… allow God to become that again in your life” – Kat Armstrong 

If you are like me walking into the year, you have all these thoughts about wanting to eat better, exercise more, and maintain great friendships. Or maybe you are saying, “I want to get back into God’s Word.” If that is you, I have a great show for you today!

My guest is Kat Armstrong and she is one of my favorite Bible teachers. Not only that, but she’s in the running for the guest we’ve maybe had on more times than anyone else – five times! Kat is wise, she is genuine, and she has two new Bible studies releasing next week. What I love about these studies is that they can be done individually or with a group. The “Storyline Bible Studies” will guide you through the storylines of scripture as they each follow people, places, or things in the Bible. 

Kat and I spend time today talking about the first two studies, Mountains and Valleys. We talk about what it means to get back into God’s Word if you’ve been afraid, if you’ve been hurt, or if you have felt unwelcome because of His Word. Kats shares how she would introduce someone who’s scared or overwhelmed to start reading the Bible. She says to keep reading until you run into a rabbit trail, and if you find yourself overwhelmed, pause your plan and give your brain a break to help dive in again. 

We really want to encourage you to look at God’s Word as one whole big story, telling God’s story of love toward us.  

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