TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK! It is so very true, and today you get to meet my whole team! My heart overflows with love for each of the ladies you will hear from today. The gifts, talents, voices, and personalities they bring not only make our company better, but they make me better as well. 

Ivey Media has been through so much growth this year. It has also been so sweet to merge so many beautiful people together in one company!

I ask each woman about four things: What they love about working at Ivey Media, their personal and/or professional goals for 2023, their favorite book they read in 2022, and their favorite episode of The Happy Hour from this past year.

First up is Lyndsey Sweeney! Without Lyndsey, this show simply would not function. Lyndsey is our Director of Operations and she has been with me for five years now. Lyndsey shares how she has seen the company grow and how God moved her own personal story and giftings into the Ivey Media space. I am so honored to have Lyndsey on this team. 

Second up is Angie Elkins. Angie is our Manager of Podcasts, which means she edits all the episodes and makes sure they are ready for our listeners. Angie has been with Ivey Media for one year now and we are all so thankful for the joy she brings to work! 

Third up is Amanda Reed! Amanda manages our partnerships and she loves that her role helps bring podcasting conversations to life. Amanda and her husband also introduced me to Austin FC and let me just say, I’m a true soccer fan now because of the Reeds. I’m grateful for all the work Amanda does to keep Ivey Media moving forward. 

Fourth up is Shannon Stone! Shannon handles all things dealing with finances, HR, and insurance. Although Shannon is not in the office very often, I’m always mentioning her name in the office and want her input on many more things besides finances. Shannon is such a gift to me and our whole team!  

Fifth up is Ashley Colwell! Ashley recently joined our team as the Podcast Production Assistant, which means she talks to all the guests, does the scheduling, and does a whole lot of communicating via email. Fun fact: Ashley has listened to The Happy Hour since the very first episode, and even before then, she would read my blogs! It’s so fun to have her here now helping us to produce the show! 

And last but not least, Ashley Minor! Ashley’s role is Podcast Assistant, and she writes our show notes and schedules the episodes to go out on the blog and Simplecast so that they can then be downloaded or streamed by our listeners. Ashley was on The Happy Hour back in October of this year, when we talked about the Texas Longhorns and college ministry. Ashley, thank you for all you do!

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