With the big day right around the corner, today is our last episode for our Characters of Christmas series! I personally feel like I have grown and learned so much with each conversation about Jesus’ birth, and my heart feels more ready to anticipate and celebrate on Christmas Day.

Today’s guest is no stranger to The Happy Hour and he is going to end our series by sharing about the Wiseman – how they point us back to Jesus and how we can see the character of Jesus through them. 

Preston Perry is a poet, Bible teacher, and podcaster, and he gives us great insight about how we should imitate the Wisemen’s faith in Jesus. He said the Wiseman are wise not because of their own knowledge, but because their wisdom is rooted in their faith in God. They had to have a measure of faith to have traveled all that way to believe in the prophecy that the Messiah would come. Another thing Preston said that struck me was when he pointed out the 900 miles (!!) the Wiseman traveled to see Jesus. Preston said that causes him to observe his own life and ask the question, “How far am I willing to go to meet Jesus?” We ended our conversation by discussing the joy the Wisemen had when they finally laid their eyes on Jesus, and how we too should have great joy when we enter into His presence. 

What a series this has been! I am so thankful to be reminded of the real reason why we celebrate.

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