The holidays can be a tough time for people, but what we can find in today’s story is that God is faithful no matter what you are going through. God is faithful to His Word, He keeps his promises, and when we act in faith, we can know that He will always respond. 

Today my guest is Pastor Bryan Carter, senior pastor at Concord Church in Dallas. We are continuing our Characters of Christmas series, and today we are talking about the Shepherds. I ask Pastor Bryan why it’s important that the Shepherds were the first to hear about Jesus, and how their character points us back to Jesus. 

Considered unclean and without status, the Shepherds are included in the announcement of Jesus Christ. For us, that is good news because it shows us that God sees all people no matter their popularity. This shows Jesus as a Shepherd by choosing the Shepherds to be a part of the announcing of His birth. Pastor Bryan mentioned how the Shepherds did not delay going to Bethlehem, and that shows us their confidence and faith in God. We too should hear the voice of God and not delay when He calls us. Pastor Bryan also mentioned how this story links us to Jesus not only being a shepherd but also the Lamb who washes away all of our sins, which means that we can have hope that He will shepherd and restore His people. 

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