“Jesus, I want to believe you. I think that you are real, and I don't know what that means.”

These are the bold and sincere words that today’s guest prayed at the very moment she encountered Jesus for the first time. 

As we continue with our “Encounter” series, today you will get to meet our guest Phaedra Taylor. She is kind, and a very talented artist located in Austin, TX. I could talk to her for hours. Her story is so incredible and so powerful. Phaedra was raised in a cult as a Jehovah's Witness. For years she lived an oppressed and controlled life, and that was the only way she knew how to live it. Until one day, when her life was completely falling apart, she had an encounter with Jesus. This encounter was a fruit of prayers and intentionality from Christian friends she met in college. 

Grab some tissues, go listen, and make sure to check out Phaedra’s work linked in this episode’s  show notes.

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