“I pushed everyone away because I did not want to deal with the repercussion of how I was living my life”

Our new series “Encounter” is all about how Jesus can change lives. Today’s guest is Pastor Joshua Broome, and his story reminds us that no one is too far gone from the Love of God. After years of pursuing different ways to find self validation, Joshua found himself deep into the adult movie industry, living a life of shame and isolation. Until one day, a complete stranger asked him a question that made him drop everything and run towards change. That question opened the door for different and new opportunities that lead him to meet a very important person (listen to find out who! Such a beautiful story!) that would point him to the freeing and redeeming love of Jesus. 

Joshua’s “Encounter” with Jesus turned his life around, and today he lives to share the Gospel and help others find freedom. His story is so unique and powerful, and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 

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Jamie Ivey