Do you find yourself wondering what it looks like to love God with your body? Does loving God with your body mean finding time to work out more or implementing a diet to be a certain weight? 

Today’s guest is Alisa Keeton. She is such a voice of encouragement to me. In this conversation, we talk about what it truly means to love God with our body and how you don’t need to do a certain number of “jumping-jacks for Jesus” to get there. Culture teaches us a lot about our bodies and the way it should look, but God’s Word teaches us how we can use our bodies to walk in freedom and in love by partnering with our community – the Body of Christ – as we share the Gospel and serve together. 

Alisa Keeton has a deep desire for people to love God and teaches a lifestyle of loving Him with all of our bodies. She started her personal wellness journey in 1985 and today it has become her ministry. Alisa is the founder of “Revelation Wellness”, a nonprofit ministry that uses fitness as a tool to spread the Gospel.

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Jamie Ivey