We’ve got such a fun episode today, friends. It’s all about Children’s books! I think one of the reasons why even adults love children’s books is because they are oftentimes packed with messages and reminders that we need as adults. Children’s books help us dream, but also help invite kids to deeper words and thoughts.

Our guests for today’s show include Jena Holliday, Sally Lloyd Jones, Esau McCaulley, Laura Wifler, Annie F. Downs, and Emily Lex! I asked them why they wrote these children’s books, what they want little ones to learn from it, and why they find children’s books to be so special and important in a child’s life. Writing for children is a different kind of challenge because we have to get the message across in fewer words, so every word has to be intentional. But WOW are we so dang thankful to be given the beautiful responsibility of speaking into the next generation and reminding them how unique they are and how much God loves them.

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