“God is over all of the transitions that we face. He has used all of the transitions that we see to bring about His purpose.”

I have been wanting to have Hunter Beless on the podcast for years, and she is also a long-time Happy Hour listener so this was all a huge win! Hunter is the founder and host of Journeywomen podcast and the author of a children’s book releasing so very soon “Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It: Knowing and Loving the Bible”.

Hunter talks with us about homeschooling her children through Covid and walking through the unexpected loss of her father after just weeks of learning that he was diagnosed with cancer. Through this season, she wanted her children to see how much she needs God’s word which led to her integrating Bible literacy into her family time. She breaks down the whole journey for us of how she has walked through repetition and scripture memorization with her children. It is so beautiful and meaningful to see how much little ones really do retain God’s word and Hunter is stewarding that so well. Her children’s book comes out next month so be sure to check it out!

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