​​“The truth of the Gospel is that we belong to each other and that there are not people who are more reflective of the image of God than other people.” 

Let’s allow that statement to guide us through every interaction we have with others. Dominique Gilliard lives in Atlanta and serves as the director of racial righteousness and reconciliation. I listened to Dominique’s book Subversive Witness and while sitting at the nail salon, I wept. I was so moved by his words and intention on how to leverage privilege.

There are people who became instantly uncomfortable by that word: privilege. But what does that word really mean? Dominique breaks it down for us with so much gospel kindness and shares that privilege is a result of a world tainted by sin. It’s not just about race, it’s about so many different groups and elements that make up our broken world. If our flourishing comes at the expense of other people’s lives, are we willing to not flourish in that manner? This conversation is a beautiful reminder that the flourishing of all God’s people matters.

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Jamie Ivey