Today is the last episode of 2020! My guests for today are my wonderful team members, Lyndsey and Abby! If you’ve been listening to The Happy Hour for a while, you probably know who Lyndsey is – she has her hands on anything and everything coming through Ivey Media. We couldn’t do this without her! Abby is our newest team member and content manager! She writes all of our show notes, and manages content for a few of our social platforms. We got together to do a Year in Review for you, and we had the best time doing it. We talk about our favorite episodes of the year, some big wins for Ivey Media, most listened to episodes, and more. We also tease at some fun projects coming up in the new year. Here’s a hint: Go subscribe to my YouTube channel – you’ll learn more about it there!

Two big wins I have to acknowledge from this year – 1. We released DOUBLE the episodes! 2. We started having men on the podcast! We also got into some incredible conversations, some of which can even be uncomfortable, but I’m always so proud of my listeners for being willing to go there with us! This has been a crazy, eventful year. But in the midst of it all, I never take for granted what an honor it is to share these conversations with you. Our team is so hopeful and excited for 2021, and we can’t wait for you to join us along the way!

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Jamie Ivey