My guest for The Happy Hour #348 is Alli Worthington. Alli Worthington is an author, speaker, podcaster and business coach for entrepreneurs. Her most recent book, Standing Strong, is such an encouraging message about living with confidence and becoming great women of God. Fun fact: Our books actually released in the same week! I love sharing these moments with friends and seeing other women step into obedience in what God has called them to share.

Alli Worthington is a long time friend and a Happy Hour OG and I’m so excited she is back on the podcast today! In this show, she talks about leaning into the dreams God has placed in our hearts, the difficult decision she made to leave a job she loved, and the importance of trusting God to come through the way He always does. She also dives into the idea that there is room for all of us to step into the spaces we feel called to, even though there is nothing new under the sun. Sometimes we feel like we can’t do that thing that we feel called to do because so many other people are doing it, too. But I love so much when Alli says “God has us do things, similar things, in our own version of it because only we can have our life experience. Only we can put a certain spin on things that will resonate with our little piece of the pie. But the pie is big enough for everybody.” Y’all. That is SO GOOD. You are the only person who can share that message through the lens of your own experience. It truly matters to God and that’s why He calls us to obey Him and do it, even when it’s hard. Alli is such a gem and so gifted at speaking words of truth. I hope you walk away as encouraged as I did!

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