My guest for The Happy Hour #321 is the ever-so-talented musical artist, Lecrae. Apart from being a Grammy award winning artist, Lecrae is an author, actor, and founder of the Christian hip-hop music label, Reach Records. Lecrae also recently released an album called Restoration, and has a book called I Am Restored that is set to release next month!

Y’all, let me just say I earned some major cool points with my kids for this one. I am so thankful for the role model Lecrae is for my teenagers, and I loved getting to chat with him on a deeper level. In this episode, we talk about being an artist in the age of social media, racism in the church, and overcoming depression. Lecrae also dives into learning how to navigate and maintain his Black culture in a white-dominated world, and how that journey eventually led to a crisis in his faith. There was a struggle of not being heard or approved unless it aligned with the perspective of others, which caused him to walk away from religion and come face-to-face with Jesus in a new and powerful way. I love when he says, “Religion is when you are trying to win the approval of God through your works. Faith is when you know you’re approved of, so you act out of that approval in love.” Lecrae’s vulnerability and journey to restoration was such an encouragement to me, and I hope you walk away feeling the same. Be sure to pre-order his book I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion But Found My Faith wherever books are sold! When you pre-order, you can visit  www.lecrae.com/restored to input your receipt number and get his music single “I Am Restored” (which is exclusive, and not even on his new album Restoration) for free, along with a sample chapter! 

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