The Happy Hour #308 is a special one! You’ve probably heard me mention our Patreon Party by now, but you might not be so sure if you really want to join. That’s why we decided to share with you some of our favorite episodes from our Patreon Party for the past three weeks! We’ve shared from our marriage mini-series, After the Show, and now you’re getting a sneak peek at UNPlugged: LIVE with the Iveys!

This episode, like every other episode of UNPlugged, gets a little wild. You truly never know what you’re going to get with this crew! Aaron, Story, Lyndsey, and myself dive into a Q+A section of the show where we answer your questions from the chat like where we want to go as soon as quarantine is over — spoiler alert: Story said MEXICO! A girl after my own heart. We chat about all of the silly things in quarantine like whether our kids our arguing more or less being home all the time, how I haven’t taken my Birkenstocks off in 15 weeks, what it will be like to eat at a restaurant someday, and how things actually get done around Ivey Media. More than anything, this episode is a BLAST! I hope you have even half as much fun listening as we have recording it for our Patreon Party!

To learn more about Patreon and how you can join check out jamieivey.com/patreon! When you sign up for our $6 month VIP party membership, you get weekly Patreon versions of The Happy Hour shows, a monthly After the Show with me and a guest answering your questions, and the monthly UNplugged: LIVE with the Iveys!

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