Happy Hour Podcast #10

Debra Parker and I met for the first time in real life in 2008 on a trip to Haiti, but we had met via the internet the year before when her family made tamales and sold them to help us raise money for our adoptions. Did you see that?  We had NEVER met and she had her whole family make tamales, sell them, and then sent us all the money. Crazy!

haiti girls

{Debra (3rd from the left) and I on our trip to Haiti in 2008. Look at my tiny babies!}

In this podcast Debra and I discuss instagram feeds and what celebrities we currently follow and I tell her 19 celebrities that the internet says we should follow. We also talk a lot about sex trafficking and what God has done in both of our lives and hearts with this. Debra shares the story of her son, Ronel, coming home after the earthquake from Haiti, and if you don't cry during her story  there's something wrong with you! I know the story and had tears in my eyes as she talked.

You will enjoy Debra's voice about advocating for women and adoption.


{How happy does this momma look to have her son home!}



{Ronel & Amos at RHFH}

I can't believe it's been three weeks since my last podcast. Thank you to those of you that have asked me where I've been. I have been with my family and that was awesome. We spent almost 2 weeks together in Tennessee visiting friends and family and it was glorious.

I had originally planned on recording, editing and publishing two podcasts while I was there, and then I realized I had lost my mind. Here's a note to myself for next time … Jamie when you are on vacation, BE ON VACATION, and don't plan on doing anything else! …. There, now I know and so next time I go on vacation I'll have podcasts already recorded and ready to go!

Upcoming guests: First my two that I had to cancel on, Janet Reeves & Melanie Shankle. They were so gracious and we'll get something worked out soon! Jennie Allen, Amber-Rose Zimel, and Annie Downs are up soon as well! I love all these women and you will too!

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