This past Spring my book club read a book that was written by an Austinite and we had the huge privilege of having him come to our book club for a little question and answer time.

It was a great night for two reasons.  #1 the obvious was that we had the author of our book right there in my living room.  I mean if you think about it, that's stinking cool.  🙂  We were able to ask all the questions we all wondered and even able to ask his wife about parts that included her in the book.  #2  reason that it was super cool is a completely selfish reason.  I was able to channel my inner Ricki/Katie/Oprah talk show host skills.  In my dream world I would have my own talk show and this was my first practice.   You see, I warned you.  Super selfish.

Anyhow …

Heroes and Monsters is an unforgettable memoir of passion and redemption, a ragged look into a world at once wildly twisted and profoundly beautiful, an exposé of both the hero and the monster within all of us.

In this stunningly honest, thoroughly unconventional, and ultimately hopeful book, Josh James Riebock explores issues that form us into the people we are–issues of family, love, intimacy, dreams, grief, purpose, and the unexpected stops along the journey. With artful prose and vivid storytelling, he shows that pain and beauty are so inextricably linked that to lose the former costs us the latter.

If you're grappling with life's inconsistencies and trials, 
if you're searching for an encounter with something real, 
if you're craving a story that's just a wee bit odd . . .

Heroes and Monsters
is a fresh and exhilarating perspective on the uneven nature of life and the equally uneven people who inhabit it.


I'm also super lucky that I get to give away a copy of this book to one of you readers!  You can read it and then gift it – no one will ever know!  It's a memoir and y'all know that's my favorite type of book to read.

Enter below to win this great book!  Tell your friends!

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Jamie Ivey