There are many organizations in Haiti that you can support.  They all need your support, especially right now.  People are dying daily there from cholera and the already struggling country has faced so many challenges this year.

Real Hope for Haiti is an organization that serves in Cazale and right now they are dealing with many patients with cholera that need our help.  Not many of us can go and serve there.  Not many of us speak the language.  Not many of us are nurses/doctors.  Not many of us can leave our families for a week right now, but something we can all do is give some money to help them out.

They have made it super easy to see where your money is going.  On Licia's blog she listed out what your money will buy and how much they are using of that daily.

$10 per hour to staff the house that they are putting the cholera patients in that = $240 per day

Could you help them with 3 hours a day?  $30 donation.

Could you help them with five hours a day?  $50 donation.

Could you help them pay for an entire day?  $240 donation.

Each lifesaving bag of IV fluid is $3.82.  The average patient will go through 15 bags = $57.30 for IV fluid per patient.

Can you support one patient? $58 donation.

Can you support two patients? $116 donation.

Can you support three patients?  $172 donation.

They are going through 15 gallons of bleach per day.  Each gallon is $5 = $75 a day in bleach

Could you help them sanitize the place for a day?  $75 donation.

Could you help them for a week? $525 donation.

These are real people on the front lines loving, serving, and helping the sickest people in Haiti right now.  They are running on no sleep and no down time.  These people deserve our support not only spiritually, but also financially.

This holiday season do something for someone else!  Make a donation to RHFH and know that you are helping them literally save lives today.

You can mail a check to RHFH:


Elwood, IN 46036

or go to their website and donate online.  REAL HOPE FOR HAITI

include a note that it is for Cholera treatment