46 days and I'm in Cancun.  Oh I love Cancun.

So I bought a tankini the Spring after Cayden was born.  I spent way too much money on it, but I convinced Aaron I needed it.  I might have cried or something.  Probably said something about needing to feel good again after pushing a 9lb 11oz human out of my who-ha or something like that.  He went for it and I got the expensive suit.

I still have that suit.

I can still wear that suit.

Lesson learned is that if you spend the money it's worth it because that suit will last years.

I bought it for $140 in 2004.  That was nine years ago.  That comes out to $16 a year.  Worth it.

So, I'm on the look out for a new expensive suit.  I have the money (thank you Christmas) and am willing to spend it.  I'm banking on wearing this thing until Cayden goes off to college.

And now I'm crying.

My son will go to college and leave me one day.  Oh this bathing suit shopping is messing with my emotions!  Could I really buy a bathing suit today and wear it for the next 9 years?

This is why I like simple.  Classic.  Time-less.  I need this suit to last until my first born goes off to college.  Gosh that sounds awful!

Here are my choices.  I need your help!  I'm not 21 anymore, and neither is this body!  I'm also not 45.  I don't want the college look, but I don't want the let-herself-go-housewife-look either.  Make sense?

Okay here we go:

Option #1 – Lands End

Option #2 Athletica


Option #3 Victoria's Secret

(on a side note … why must they always pose with their mouths open?)


Option #4 – Tommy Bahama 

I thought this was a store that just sold men's shirts for fishing.  I never knew they all this goodness!


Option #5 – J Crew

has super cute suits, but for the love all the models on their page need to eat something.  anything.


Option #6 – Shabby Apple

shabby apple

Option #7 – Freya


Option #8 – ASOS


There are the nine options for me.  I need your help!  Vote and let me know your favorite.  I'm buying a suit this week!  Or if you know of a site I didn't list here for a suit, let me know.  I checked out all the ones you awesome people told me about on Facebook!

What suit will I be sporting in Cancun in a few weeks?  Click HERE to leave a comment with your vote!