I hate to admit that yesterday I didn't realize it was the anniversary of the quake until the afternoon. 3 months ago a country that is dear to our heart was utterly wrecked and is still wrecked. I remember not leaving my computer for hours upon hours thinking if I did I would miss something. I would miss an update. I would miss an announcement. I would miss anything. It was a long couple of days around here and I know that many of you that read my blog experienced the exact same thing that we did. You too were yearning for your children and were praying for your friends and family that were there in Haiti during this.

I remember that we woke up the next morning to an email from Aaron's brother Tim telling us that he couldn't sleep the night before with the quake and Amos on his mind and he designed a shirt and wanted to know if we wanted to use it to raise money for Haiti. We jumped at the opportunity and Aaron, Bush & Shawn Fox spent hours at our house on the 13th getting a site up and going to sell shirts for Haiti. Our merchandise guy that does all of our online merch for Aaron's band gladly stepped up to the plate to do the selling and shipping. If it weren't for Chip and his guys at PortMerch.com none of those shirts would have ever made it to their destination!


*Green Help Haiti shirt that was a special for March.  There are still a few available if you want one!

I'm excited to say that through those t-shirts we raised over $30,000 that was sent directly to 3 different organizations in Haiti that we love and trust.  Did you read that?  Yes you that bought a t-shirt from us …. you helped us raise over $30k that went to Haiti.  From the bottom of our heart we say THANK YOU for your support of Haiti.  Thank you for buying a shirt that will be a constant reminder to you and those that see you wearing it of Haiti.  I hope it will continue to stir your heart towards a country that will be in need for years and years to come.

If you haven't yet bought your HELP HAITI shirt I encourage you to head on over to the helphaitishirt.com site and get yours today!  You won't regret it.