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There are a group of women that are embarking on a huge task and they are rocking it. There are some women (and men, although I'll only refer to the women b/c that's all i know!) that will be running the Disney half and full marathon in January. They aren't just running to get their best time or to feel good about themselves, but yet they are running to raise money for a great cause!

After my first trip to Haiti I came home and began trying to find anyone and everyone that was working and serving and living in Haiti. I wanted to know what they were doing and I wanted to learn more about Haiti. I had been on a short term trip, but knew that Haiti would be in my life forever. Little did I know at the time that I would have two children from Haiti!

One of the people that I met on the internet was Tara Livesay. About a year and a half later Aaron and I led a team to Haiti and Tara and her husband, Troy, were our hosts and guides and cooks and everything else!

On that trip we were exposed to HEARTLINE. We went to their building and got the grand tour. I was in awe of how they run things there. They really know what they are doing and b/c of that women's lives are literally being changed.

The sewing program was amazing to me. I brought a purse home with me on that trip and then purchased a few smaller ones for gifts. They are each made by a women in the sewing program and then sold and that women gets to keep her profits. WOMEN'S LIVES ARE CHANGING. They are now creating their own destiny.

Their prenatal program rocks. They are educating women on how to be good mothers and how to nurse their babies and how to feed their babies. They are giving them the knowledge that they need to parent their child and parent them well.

The HEARTLINE RUNNERS are running to raise money for an ambulance to help transport women to the local hospital if they cant deliver at home. To read about their goal visit here: http://heartlinerunners.blogspot.com/2009/10/our-specific-goal.html

I donated a few dollars the other day and so can you. I plan on giving more to this great cause b/c it's something that I believe in and can stand behind. I have seen this organization. I have met their leaders. They are THE REAL DEAL and they serve Haitian women with their whole heart and soul.

To donate please head to their website and go to the chip in button and start your giving: http://heartlinerunners.blogspot.com/

And if you want to get something for your donation, here is one of the runners that has a ton of raffles going on.

Jamie Ivey