Tomorrow morning around 4 am I'll wake up and take 4 ladies from our condo to Disney to run a marathon!  They are some amazing women and are running for a great cause!  They raised over $64 THOUSAND dollars for Heartline . This money will buy a much needed ambulance to transport women in labor to a nearby hospital to labor there and not in their homes.  Wow was all I could say last night as Beth thanked them, encouraged them and shared how important this vehicle will be to their ministry.

As she was explaining the tangible ways this would help a woman's life in Haiti I was brought to tears.  I experienced a moment of sheer pride.  I was so proud to be in the room with so many women (and men!) who literally put away their selfish desires of comfort to train for a marathon and do it all for women in Haiti that they'll probably never meet.  I was honored to be there and wanted to lace up my shoes and join them on the run.

So, tomorrow morning as you are getting ready for church or whatever your Sunday morning holds, will you please pray for all the runners here at Disney and especially those running for Heartline.  Would you thank God for his provision for this ministry and their ambulance.  Would you pray for their strength, emotions, and minds as they run TWENTY-SIX freaking miles tomorrow


*Here are the runners!


*Some new friends and old friends Kristen (new), Erin (new) and Kim (old).


Here are the runners.  Please pray for them:  Tara, Kim, Kristen and Erin.  These are the ladies in my condo plus Paige and I.  All of us are waiting on kids to come home from Haiti.