Happy September!  Last month we worked on memorizing scripture and our family devotional times being more consistent.  What a great month it was for the whole family!  I updated last month over at Inspired to Action where Kat so graciously lets me write each month.  This month moves us into packing healthy lunches for my kids to take to school each day and making them great a great breakfast each day that consists of more than cereal and waffles.

We've been in the school routine since the end of July, so for most of you we are ahead of the game!  I am the mom that doesn't really want her kids eating the cafeteria food.  Here's why.  #1 it costs a lot of money for four kids to eat there.  #2 I don't like them eating meat that I'm sure has 800 different hormones and junk in it.  #3 it's not food I would normally feed my kids.  So … do my kids ever eat in the cafeteria, sure.  There are days when I haven't been to the grocery store, or I get up late and they must eat there.  BUT for the month of September this is not an option!

This week lunches have consisted of left overs in their lunches.  This is fun for them, because they get to heat up their food in the microwave and they think this is cool at school, and because I know they are getting great food because we made it the night before!

Breakfast on Tuesday was toasts.  Not a good first start.  Hey we were out of eggs and so they had whole wheat toast and fruit.  Not too shabby, just not very exciting!

Today breakfast was scrambled eggs, toast and fruit.  Do you know that to feed my four kids, not including Aaron and I, we scramble 12 eggs.  Good gracious I need some chickens in my backyard!

Here's what we have next on the menu for breakfast:

Mighty Muffins from Forks over Knives

Egg Muffins from Kalyn's Kitchen

Overnight, Slow-cooker Steel Cut Oats with Apples & Cinnamon from The Yummy Life – I am a little excited about the “overnight” part in this recipe!!!

 {Source: theyummylife.com via  Jamie on Pintrest}


Of course all these recipes are from my “breakfast” board on Pintrest!  If you have any other healthy, quick, and tasty breakfast ideas please comment and let me know!  Click HERE to comment on this post!