I really do enjoy having a dog around.  They are a constant companion when no one is around.  They always listen to you and never judge you.  They love you even when you don't feel lovable.  They always wake up happy and don't seem to have big mood swings.  They don't talk back and usually mind fairly well.

Having a dog is good until you are planning summer vacations.  What the heck do we do with a dog then?  If he was an outside dog we would just schedule someone to come over and check every day.  BUT he is an inside dog.  Now what?  No way am I paying to board him at $16 a night for 24 nights this summer.  Did you do the math on that one?  Yeah you were right.  $384!  Yikes!  All for a dog?!  Wow!

So, blog friends …. what do you do with your animals when you travel?  There has to be a better option for me than paying almost $400 this summer for him to be boarded while we are gone.

Tell me the better option!