Happy Mother's day to you all.  For some of you this is a dreaded holiday.  For others it is a joyous one.  No matter how this day makes you feel, I want to let you know that this day doesn't define you.  I'm reminding myself this tonight as I was just feeling let down from the whole hoopla of a holiday.  You see Sunday's make it impossible for Aaron to celebrate me on this day.  No one pampered me.  No one brought me breakfast in bed.  No one cooked me dinner tonight.  BUT those things don't define me, my family, or my kids.

If you are sad today because of this holiday, I want you to know that God is there with you.  He has not forgotten you, and he understands your pain.

If this holiday didn't go as planned for you, I want you to know that sometimes our expectations can ruin things for us.  Your kids do love you, even if they didn't even remember that today was all about you.  Your husband does love you even if he didn't even acknowledge your mothering of his children.  You are loved my friend.  You are important.

Mothering is the hardest job in the world, and I'm reminded of this each and every day as I look back on the day before I go to bed. Some days I have way more positives to think about as I fall asleep, and other days I feel as though God made a huge mistake by giving me these four kids.   Mothering is a job that is never receives the compensation that it deserves.  You will always give more than you receive.  Your job is never ending and there's never a time you clock out for the day.

Moms you are amazing and deserve more than you will ever get.  But I want you to remember that our worth is not found in anything our kids make for us, or give us, or tell us.  Moms your worth is always found in Jesus and him alone.  Let's all go to bed remembering that tonight.

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