Today’s guest on the Happy Hour Podcast is Rebecca Smith. Rebecca is the owner of Better Life Bags and lives in Detroit with her husband and three kids. Her business has a remarkable impact on women in Detroit, who are earning a living by working for Better Life Bags.

On today's podcast we talk about how her business started, things you should do before we turn 30 (we are both past it!!), and how she can't do it all without the help she has – good word for us mommas trying to do it all! We also chat about how we made the decision on where to send our kids to school, why we don't see the news often, and of course our thoughts on Serial.


From the Podcast:

  • And of course we discussed Serial. We recorded this the week of Thanksgiving, so it's a few episodes back, and now tomorrow is the final one. Your thoughts? This morning I listened to Dr. Moore's podcast where he answers the question, “should Christians be listening to Serial?”.

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Podcast #26 Rebecca Smith from Better

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