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Today’s guest on THE HAPPY HOUR is  Julie Hayes. The interesting thing about this podcast is that Julie and I have never met, but yet she contacted me about being on the show. She left a comment on my blog that said she’d love to interview me and ask me all the questions that she has for me. For some reason I just felt like this would be fun, and so we did it. When I recorded I knew that it might not work and then I could just can it if it didn’t. Good news is that it turned out great.

In this podcast we discuss books we’re reading (of course), parenting, our adoption of Amos, meeting Aaron, my time on the radio, Noonday Collection, and lots of other randomness!

Win a new CD:

We also talked about Jimmy McNeal's new album “Adopted”. Julie and I go to the same church and both enjoy when Jimmy leads worship on Sunday's. Jimmy is graciously giving me five cd's to give away to some of you.  All you need to do is leave a comment.  Any comment. Anything you want to say and you are entered! Winner will be determined on Sunday night!

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Upcoming guests:   Ashley Benson, Janet Reeves & Melanie Shankle

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