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Today’s guest on THE HAPPY HOUR is my friend Meghan McCamant
. I can’t remember when Meghan and I met, but she is one of my most favorite people in the world. Meghan is first my friend, and second she is Story’s BFF.  Meghan is a fun loving, headstrong, homegrown Austinite! She loves to read, be outside and hang with her dog Pearl. Meghan is the gifted and talented specialist at the elementary level in Cedar Park, TX and has also taught 1st and 2nd grade for five years. As well as teaching, she is also a CASA in the Austin area for children in the foster care system. She is also one of my favorite friends to talk about books with!

In this podcast episode we discuss Meghan and her sister Amanda who has special needs. Meghan’s experiences as growing up with a sister with special needs are so special. She gives a great voice to families that might look different than others. In this episode she talks about how to help your kids with questions that they might have when they see a child or adult that looks different than them.


Meghan has written a post for me before about the “R” word. She talks about how we important it is to view all people as people first and then the fact that they have a disability. Viewing them as a person first and then their differences.

Meghan also shares lots of great advice for us parents about our kids teachers and how we can bless them and help them in the classroom whether you are a mom that works outside the home or stays home. She shares some of her favorite gift she has gotten from her kids in her classroom.

Meghan is also one of my favorite book friend. We’ve been in a book club together and like to read a lot of the same books.

Links from the show:
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