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Happy Hour episode #5  is with Jessica Honneger. Jessica is one of my friends here in Austin and we met not longer after I moved here six years ago. She is a wife to Joe and momma to Amelie, Holden & Jack. She is also the founder of Noonday Collection, which I'm a HUGE fan of and love all of their jewelry. (and they have tons of stuff on sale right now!!) Last week on the podcast Wynne who is an ambassador with Noonday gave away a $50 gift card to Karen. Thanks for all your comments to that show!

Also I recorded a podcast with Jessica in the Fall for the IF: Gathering. You will love this one as well! Click HERE to listen more.

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Links from the show:

  • My earrings that she commented on are from our friend Tiffany Wade – she makes super cute and funky earrings. Email her and you can order some!  Here's a picture of me and my big earrings!

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  • The Noonday Style for Justice trip this summer where they are partnering with IJM and heading to Uganda with storytellers. Follow them all this summer as they share stories of the artisans that are making these amazing pieces of jewelry. For a few days you can still vote for who you think should be with them on this trip and advocate with them. They are down to the top 3.
  • Kelli Hampton's book BLOOM – which I haven't read, but want to.
  • CNN's 10 Dare you to Go list – Since Jessica is such a world traveler I wanted to see how many of these places she had been to. She's been to 1 and I've been to 1.
  • The amazing quinoa salad that I make in the summer and eat for a week. I eat it hot the first time, and then cold the rest of the week.


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Upcoming guests this month … Meghan McCamant and Rachel McCoy … you will love these ladies!

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