Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (web)-02

Today's Happy Hour Podcast is with a great friend of mine Amanda Brown. Amanda and I met at church when we both started an intensive development program and we have been friends every since then. What I love about Amanda is that she's so honest and truthful to her friends. She challenges me in ways I have not been challenged in before, and yet is so compassionate when she challenges you.


That's Amanda & I in the middle with our friends Maris & Tiffany when we were in London last year!

In this podcast we discuss her running the Boston Marathon this year (try not to cry when she talks about it), Friday Night Lights and how I think it's promoting bad behaviors to teenagers (although I love it and can't stop watching), her being an extra on FNL, her bucket list, the Bachelorette and all the drama it involves, her Etsy store, mascots (and how I was one: see photo below!), small Texas towns, and how you couldn't pay us enough money to go back to high school. I also sing again in this episode. If you are keeping score then yes you are right I have started singing in every episode so far. That's scary my friends, and I apologize!

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Amanda finishing the Boston Marathon

Here are some links you might enjoy from this podcast:

For your enjoyment I told you in this episode that I was the mascot when I was in high school. Here's proof:


Super big thanks to Amanda for designing the Happy Hour Podcast logo. I love it so much and she was such an awesome friend to do that for me! Also the music at the beginning and the end is from our friends Homestead. They are a great band and I highly recommend you downloading their music TODAY!