Friends you have been asking for a new podcast and I'm so excited that today my friend Kat Lee is joining me for the first show for 2015! Thanks for you patience. I decided I wasn't going to work over Christmas break, and I get to do that because I'm in charge, and then we went out of the country, got sick, and had computer problems, so finally it's here!!!  Thank you for wanting more podcasts, and let me tell you I have some great guests for you in the next few months. Some amazing women that you are going to love!

Happy Hour Podcast #27 with Kat Lee

Kat and I met online and we have actually never met in person, but she's been such an encouragement for me in my podcasting journey. I was actually one of the first guests on her podcast for Inspired to Action. After being a guest on her show is when I felt as though podcasting is something I would want to do in life!


Kat is a momma, wife, blogger, encourager, podcaster and lots more in life. Her blog is something that you need to get your eyes on if you have not. Her whole gig is to inspire us mommas right where we are, and if you are like me, we need to hear encouragements daily.

Show Notes:

Thank you so much for listening guys! Chatting with Kat was so fun for me and such an encouragement. I pray that you too were encouraged by all of her words!

Listen to the show here!


Jamie Ivey