Today’s guests on the Happy Hour Podcast are Becca Harris and Maris Bush. Both of these ladies are heroes to me and they exhibit Jesus in their lives so much. I have known Maris for over ten years, and Becca and I met shortly after I moved to Austin six years ago. All of our families have been effected by adoption and during this podcast we dive into Becca & Maris' stories of how their families were brought together. We focus mostly on foster care, since Becca adopted her boys through the foster care system, and Maris and her husband Bush (his real name is Steven, but all his close friends call him Bush, so I'm giving you permission to do that as well) are currently fostering and hoping to adopt again as well.



  • Pine Cove is the camp Becca worked at and the one we have taken our family too.
  • 14 things non Texans just don't understand
  • The Middle Mom by Christie Erwin – great book for everyone to read. If you are thinking of fostering, this book is so helpful, and if you know people that are fostering this book will help you understand more.
  • Since we recorded this podcast, the Bush's have been placed with a teeny tiny baby that they are fostering right now.
  • Forever Mom by Mary Ostyn: What to Expect when you're adopting
  • Fedna: the girl we hosted from Haiti years ago that holds such a sweet place in my heart
  • Ten simple ways your church can serve foster families by Jason Johnson
  • Happy Hour mugs – you know you want one!

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In this podcast we discuss the book Forever Mom by Mary Ostyn, and Mary has offered to give away a book to one of you guys. I recommend this book to all of you listeners that are in the adoption process, or have adopted already.

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