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This podcast was super fun to record because I just love my friend Jen. She's an author, speaker, wife, mom, and most recently a reality tv star! We talked about:

  • Supper Club
  • vacations
  • books and books and more books
  • American Idol
  • my social media fast
  • talking to our kids about sex
  • and 2nd podcast in a row that I have started singing on … could this be something that happens every time? Only time will tell!

You will love this podcast and I hope that you share with your friends!

Supper Club

*Jen and I with our Supper Club girls, Melissa & Noel*

Here are some links to the show that you might be interested in:

Jen Hatmaker books

Jen's website

The books that Aaron & I use to talk with our kids about sex: The Story of Me

We talked about how I hate cooking when Aaron's out of town, and I'm here to tell you that I only made pasta ONE TIME this past week! On Monday I made broccoli soup, then on Tuesday I made a roast in the crock pot (and by the way just putting anything in the crock pot, and then working all day makes you feel like a bad-A mom when you get home!), Wed we went out to eat, and Thursday was the only day I made pasta. That's a win for the week with Aaron out of town!

One of the funny moments was when we talked about how we are going to the beach this summer and both of us have no idea what to do about our black daughter's hair. If you have any advice for us, we'd love to hear it!

I'm still learning about podcasts and don't have anything up on itunes yet, but hopefully by the Happy Hour Podcast #10 I will! Until then, I'd love it if you shared this post with your friends and on social media. It's a fun conversation between two girlfriends and we'd love for you to join us! Leave any comments, questions, opinions, or advice in the comments section and we'll get back with you!

Since it's Friday and you have tons of free time on your hands for good reading, here's a few posts I read this week that I think you might like:

  • VERGE WOMEN podcast: here Fabs and I talk about the first time we met Jesus
  • Inspired to Action blog: Kat talks on this post about creating a basket with journals, prayer points, bibles for your kids to read around the table. I think I'm going to try this for the summer.  Maybe by the end of the summer they won't be grumpy with this plan. Kat says over and over that “perfectionism isn't the goal, faithfulness is” and that makes me feel better about this plan. Kat also has a great podcast about motherhood that I love. I've been listening when I work out and I have to admit there have been a few tears.
  • My new friend, Tasha, has a post about the whole Mr. Sterling fiasco. I have followed this story loosely, but her blog is great about all her feelings about this, and how when people say they “don't see color”, it confuses her a bit.
  • This post on Rage Against the Minivan really got me thinking about what we put on social media. Her post is about alcohol, but since I'm on this social media fast it's bringing out lots of thoughts about what is online.

Listen to the podcast HERE:  I hope you enjoy!