Geez guys I can not even believe what just happened. We put up tickets for the Happy Hour Live and all 100 tickets went in 60 minutes. I have heard from some of you that you didn't get the link to buy tickets and you were looking for the newsletter today. I want to let you know that if you get each blog post delivered to your inbox when they are released, that is not the newsletter. The newsletter is something separate that goes out periodically that includes links to other shows I have been on, information about live events, and every once in a while an essay that's not on the blog. So, if you are wanting to sign up for the newsletter do that HERE!

There are more events we are planning, and if anyone wants to be in the know about them, the newsletter is where they will always be announced! We just had our first Happy Hour On The Road event and it was so wonderful to have a smaller, more intimate setting for all of us to hang out. We're going to do more of these events and I'd love for you to know about it! Also, if we were to happen put up a few more tickets for the show we would announce that there as well!


So, if you were confused I apologize. There will be more events I promise, so make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter so you'll know everything that is going on with The Happy Hour, my speaking schedule, and anything book related with me!