Guys it's been a mere forty days since the very first Happy Hour Live event and I still get giddy when I think about it. I'm not being overly dramatic when I tell you that it was one of the most fun nights I've had in a very long time. Just last night at dinner someone asked me if the event was all I had expected and I answered with a resounding, “more than I could have ever expected”. It was above and beyond what I expected.

When I started planning this event I had no clue what to do, or expect, or even what I wanted. I quickly realized that I wanted to create a night where women could come together, enjoy a good meal, and be a participant in the conversations that I get to have every week through the podcast.

I have to say that the night did just that.

I've also been asked what my favorite part was of the entire night. Although every.single.thing was my favorite, I do have to say that getting to hug so many women's necks that showed up for this event. My goal was to hug every person that walked into my backyard, and I have to say that I tried super hard to make that happen!



One thing that blew me away at this event was how many hands it truly took to put a night like this together. So many of my friends showed up and served. They checked-in guests, they served wine, they did my make-up, they put table-cloths on tables, they decorated, they ran errands, they did SO MUCH for this night!




When Aaron and I bought our home in November we knew that this place would be used for good. We wouldn't be greedy with our home, or selfish with what God had given us, and so when I look at these pictures and think back on the night with all of these lovely women gathered in my backyard and my deck I get a bit teary-eyed. We are thankful for the backyard and the deck to have women gather and enjoy a night together.

Most of these women came to this night with a few friends, some came with sisters, some got on an airplane, and some drove a few hours, while some popped over from Austin. BUT what happened was that we all gathered and women were encouraged, inspired, and pointed to Jesus. That makes me smile.




Parking was one of our biggest obstacles out here, but thankfully we had the cutest parking attendants in the entire world!


The moment finally arrived when I was able to get on stage and WELCOME everyone to my house and to the show. I admit that I was a bit nervous to be sitting in front of all of these ladies while chatting with my girlfriends. It took a mere seconds for the nerves to go away and for the night to take off.





Did I mention the goodie bags? I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE to give things away and the ladies were given some amazing things during the night. My top two favorites might have been the koozie's and the cups with my logo on them. I'm the girl that picks up all the cups at the end of a Longhorn football game to add to my kitchen, and so hopefully these cups are making someone happier each time they use them!


Thanks to the fabulous sponsors who helped us put this great event on for everyone! Paper works // Maker + Ink // Persimmon Prints // Prep Dish


Talking with Jessica, Rachel, and Jen was not only an easy conversation for me, but it was so fruitful as well. There were so many moments when I wished I could pause time and write down everything we were chatting about. Not only was wisdom pouring out from these women, but also the funny stories as well.






The night just got better and better when the tacos + pie were served to all the guests. The saddest part of the entire night is that I didn't get one pork taco to eat. But in reality it's not that sad, I do live with Aaron and can have pork tacos whenever I want.



By the end of the night the backyard looked beautiful, my face had a permanent smile on it, and I didn't want the night to end. I'm so thankful for everyone that showed up that night, and can't wait to do this again!

Speaking of again …. we are doing this again!!! Today a little teaser of the audio from the night went live and I hope you were able to hear it. Next week the full 90 minutes of audio will be available for you to purchase for $1. (Actually …. you can pre-order it now and it will just show up in your inbox next week – how awesome is that! *UPDATE* Pre-orders are over.) It's one of my most favorite shows, and I know that you will love every single minute of it. On the show we announce the date for the next LIVE event at my  house, and I SO HOPE that if you wanted to come to this one and you couldn't that you can make the next one!





All Photos taken by Kim Ellis

Listen to a 10 minute preview of the LIVE recording

Pre-Order a copy of the LIVE event *UPDATE* Pre-orders are over. Show will be available 4/22/216