95-01My guest for episode #95 is Amber Hainesauthor of Wild in the Hollow. She is the mother to four sons and wife to guitar-playing author and attorney Seth Haines, who curated The Mother Letters for and with her.

On today's show, Amber and I chat about how she's spending the summer with her four boys – including karate for nearly the entire family, even Amber (cool mom award, for sure)! She shares about her struggle with resenting her husband's flexibility to be creative, while she was stuck in the mundaneness of her daily routine. God revealed to her where she was angry and claiming martyrdom, while missing the opportunity to pursue joy. No matter what season of life you are in, I think we can all relate to missing joy in our daily lives, and Amber's wisdom and experience is so valuable and inspiring.

We talk about raising adolescents and speaking value into their lives. And finally, Amber shares about her husband's journey to sobriety and the sacrifices they made as a couple to walk towards healing.

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Links from the Show

Amber's Book: Wild in the Hollow

Seth's Book: Coming Clean

Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion

What Amber is loving: Blue Bell Coffee Ice Cream and Toffee Chex Mix together, her yard and having more words and wisdom to share

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