94-01My guest for episode #94 is Alexandra Kuykendall. Like many of us, she spends her days washing dishes, driving to and from different schools and trying to find a better solution to the laundry dilemma. Unlike most of us, though, she does all that while trying to sneak in chunks of time to work on various writing projects. She is the author of The Artist’s Daughter: A Memoir and Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What’s Right in Front of Me. She's been on staff with MOPS International (Mothers of Preschoolers) for nearly a decade, and is a regular contributor to MOPS’s Hello Dearest blog. Alex is an established and trusted voice in mothering circles.

In our conversation, we chat about the release of her most recent book: Loving my Actual Life. For nine months, she committed to trying out small changes at a time to help her enjoy her busy life. She is the mom of four daughters, so enjoying her family and where God has her is a priority to her, but all the busyness can certainly get tedious and works to rob her joy…a story that most of can relate to. I think you'll love hearing her experience, and will probably feel inspired to make a few small, manageable changes in your own life.

Obviously, Alex is a huge fan of MOPS, and after you listen to the show, you will be too. The way that she talks about the value of someone telling moms of young children that the work that they're doing is important and valuable is so powerful. If you are a mom with little ones, I (and Alex) would highly encourage you to check out MOPS to connect with other women in your life stage, have just a moment where someone watches your kids and pours into and encourages you.

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