92-01My guest for episode #92 is my friend, Ashley Noelle. Ashley is the girl you want to be around. She has a Saturday night kinda personality with a Sunday morning kinda heart. She is the mom to three little girls, the wife to a former undercover narcotics detective (yes, you read that right – I am picturing a little bit of Breaking Bad with a little bit of 24) and a speaker and writer. Ashley is passionate about helping women find their unique God-given voice. She’s a big believer that no matter what your platform is – big or small – God has given it to you to use for His glory and to further His kingdom.

In our conversation, Ashley shares about her family’s journey of picking up all of their comfortable lives and following the Lord’s leading to move to Colorado and work for Save the Storks – an incredible organization that takes a “woman at the well” approach to ministering to women considering abortion, while advocating for the unborn.

Ashley started walking with Jesus in her early 20s. On the show, she shares her testimony, which you’re not going to want to miss mostly because it includes the powerful lyrics of a Nick Lachey song. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, I am pretttttty sure Ashley Noelle is the only person in the world to be saved through a Nick Lachey song. There, I said it.

And our conversation ends where every good happy hour should end, catching up on Justin Bieber and speaking blessings over his newfound faith. You can’t miss this one.

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