To celebrate Mother's Day, today's Happy Hour is a little different. I invited four of my girlfriends that are not the kind of mom's you see on billboards and greeting cards. These are real life women with unique but relatable stories and struggles.

In our conversations, you'll hear about one's mom struggle with infertility, and her encouragement to women that are walking that journey as well. You'll hear an empty-nester and her strong counsel for young moms to put their marriages first, and her joy in seeing her grown kids use their gifts in ministry. Another mom shares her story of being a single parent and how the church has cared for her well and her encouragement for those of us around single moms to find threads of their stories that match up with our own to bridge the gap in our relationships. And lastly, you'll hear the heartbreaking story of a mom who lost her 2-year-old son to a brave fight against brain cancer. She shares her wisdom for us that are walking alongside women in our lives that are experiences great loss or suffering. And she closes with her rock and anchor being the promise that God will never fail.

These women are brave, strong and courageous and I loved getting a chance to talk with them and celebrating Mother's Day with them, Happy Hour style.

Below you'll see a little bit more info about each of my guests and a few links from the show. I hope you love our conversations. And I hope that you have a fabulous Mother's Day.

Wynne Elder

Wynne is a mama and wife striving to live in deep and authentic community in Bryan, Texas. She is passionate about connecting and knowing people and creating spaces of belonging for women. She has been married to her guy for almost 10 years, and together they are raising their two kids, Camp and Asher.

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Diann Cotton

Diann Cotton has the joy of directing The Austin Stone Institute (a Leadership Residency Program) along with her husband, Larry, through the Austin Stone Community Church.  She has been married to her best friend, Larry, for 32 years.  Her passion is to lead the next generation to know and love Jesus with all their hearts, to love His Gospel and to live on mission.  She is also a writer of “100 Days with Jesus” – an online study of who Jesus is through the names that describe Him.  She is a mother to Coby and Cory – co-founders of Dude Perfect; and her daughter Catherine, an illustrator through her business, Marry Me in Spring.

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Alisha Gordon

Alisha L. Gordon is a sought after writer, ministry leader, and speaker whose global impact has reached many for Christ through thoughtful preaching, beautiful worship, and intentional grace-filled conversations. An Atlanta native, Alisha's work as a writer and public theologian has helped re-shape the stories of the marginalized and challenged people in both sacred and secular spaces to embrace new ways of seeing God and God's people. She is the mom to fun-loving, 11-year-old, Ashli.

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Aki Slockers

Aki Slockers is a first generation American with no experience with children. She spends her days winging it as a mom to Kai and Maya. She has a past life in the nonprofit sector, and is a soon to be nurse. Aki strives to serve God each day and make each moment count. She and her family live in Austin, TX.


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Links from the Show

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Story Team Weekly


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