My guest for Happy Hour #85 is the Shelley Giglio. You probably know Shelley and her husband, Louie, from the ministry they helped to create: Passion Conferences. Passion started 20 years ago and has been tremendously impactful in the lives of thousands and thousands of college students around the globe. Shelley and Louie currently live in Atlanta where they help to lead their church, Passion City Church.

In today's conversation, Shelley shares how Passion was born. I know a lot of you, like me, have been profoundly impacted by the ministry of Passion, and you're going to love hearing how God gave them a vision and enough faith to take one single step at a time.

Shelley is passionate about helping women find their place in the Church. She says that women are going to lead somewhere, and it would be such a tragedy for us to feel like we have to look outside the church to do that. I also loved hearing her refer to the Church as the “House” and her explanation for that.

Lastly, in Shelley's favorite things, we talked about scripture memory. She shared that when she is diligent about hiding the Word in her heart, when her brain comes to a resting place, it is resting on scripture. I love that so much, and felt so encouraged about the power of God's Word.

God has used Shelley's life and her faith to transform the lives of innumerable people around the world. I think you'll love hearing from her, and leave feeling inspired to take a step of faith in the direction that God is leading you – whether He's leading you big cloud and fire ways, or in quiet and gentle whispers.

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Daring Greatly by Brené Brown + Rising Strong by Brené Brown + The Comeback by Louie Giglio + Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones

Ten Thousand Reasons by Matt Redman

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What Shelley is loving: Spring, her new high-waisted jeans, and memorizing Scripture

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