My guest for Happy Hour #84 is Emily Lex. This is Emily's fourth time to join me on the Happy Hour! Y'all love her, I love her, everyone loves her. Today, she joined me for a very special edition of the Happy Hour, where we highlighted a few companies that we think you should know about. You can read all about them here, but in a nutshell… These are companies that are run by hardworking and inspiring women. Most of them have a give-back model where they are using some (and in a few cases…all) of their profits to support oppressed and underserved populations. And lastly, they're making products that I love and know you will too. So, in today's show, we give you a little bit of description of the company and the items they're selling and why we think they would be a great gift idea for you or the women in your life.

In between our reviews, Emily and I talk quite a bit about Rwanda. Oddly, several of the companies that we highlight are supporting women in Rwanda. Emily recently visited Rwanda, and there is a possibility that I may go to Rwanda this summer.  So, naturally, Rwanda comes up a lot in this episode.

We also talk about the genius idea of a housecleaning co-op. Has anyone else ever done this? While I feel like it is such a good idea, I am not sure I want to clean any of my friends' houses. If you've tried this, we want to hear from you!

We're going to let Emily have a little Happy Hour break, since I have basically made her a co-host lately. But, please reach out to her on Twitter or Instagram and tell her how much you have loved hearing from her. And make sure to head over to our Gift Guide and check out these amazing companies that are making a big difference.


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