My guest for Happy Hour #83 is the lovely Jo Saxton. Jo is on the leadership team of Mission Point Church, and chairs the board of 3DMovements, an organization that equips churches in discipleship and mission. She's a speaker, author and co-host of the podcast Lead Stories, Tales of Leadership and Life. Jo, her husband, two daughters and dog live in Minneapolis. I met Jo through IF Gathering and have loved how she makes me feel like a friend. She is a true people person and makes the women around her feel important and heard.

In today's conversation, we talk about what discipleship means to her and how we disciple our children. We somehow transitioned from there to a conversation about bikinis and body image and loving our bodies today, since they won't always be this way.

She shares her experience with postpartum depression and how she was able to cope through a dreary season. I think you'll feel super encouraged to hear Jo talk about embracing who you are and what you do, killing comparison, and giving up feeling like we have to feel excited about all the things our friends feel excited about.

A conversation with Jo feels so natural and like a real happy hour should – jumping from the shallow to the deep and back up. You'll love her so much.

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Jo's Podcast: Lead Stories

Jo's Books

When Silence Falls by Tim Hughes

Long Tall Sally


The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes + Mentor for Life by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

What Jo is loving: Silver Boyfriend Jeans, conversations with inspiring, creative and dreaming women, and watching her kids and their friends grow up

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