My guest for Happy Hour #79 is Rachel Garlinghouse, author and champion for all things adoption. God used a near-death experience and an unexpected diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes to lead Rachel and her husband to adoption. At the beginning of their journey, she discovered a lack of approachable books that spoke to the real-life joys and struggles of adoptive families. As a result, she's been writing ever since and has become a renowned voice for adoption.

Y'all know I talk to all kinds of women doing amazing things, but every now and then, I have someone on the show who has walked a journey that is not unlike mine. Rachel's heart for adoption and her wisdom in how she talks about her experience and her children was so inspiring, encouraging and convicting to me.

If you have adopted, or are considering adoption, I would strongly encourage you to check out Rachel's books and her website.

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Links from the Show

Rachel's Website: WhiteSugarBrownSugar

Rachel's Books

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Dear Birthmother by Kathleen Silber + The Hands Free Life by Rachel Macy Stafford  + Wife After God by Jennifer Smith + The Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford + The Honest Toddler by Bunmi Laditan + Room by Emma Donoghue

What Rachel is loving: Starbucks Cookie Dough Cakepop + 70° and sunny weather + St. Louis's 90's Hip Hop Station

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