2016! Can you believe it!? To kick off the new year, I invited my all-time favorite guest back to the show – my husband Aaron Ivey.


On the show, we chat about buying a new house, including our must-haves and our wretched blue carpet. We're in the middle of renovating, so you'll hear about all the work Aaron has been doing and how good I am at being attracted to a working man. We discuss our top three goals for 2016, which clearly needed to happen because I forgot one of mine, and didn't know about one of Aaron's. So, fortunately, this podcast served our marriage.

And lastly, we took on some questions from you guys. We have a lot more to cover, but this time, we covered how we fight feeling like each other's work is competing with our marriage, how we keep things spicy in our marriage (which snowballed a bit into an embarrassing conversation for Aaron), how we support each other's dreams, and a lot more.

I'm obviously a little biased, but I think y'all will love this show.

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What Aaron is loving: Yeti, Cedar Sticks and stealing my coffee

What I am loving: Making a Murderer (Netflix series), having a fireplace and Maker + Ink

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