Jamie Logo BlackFIFTY episodes friends. I can't even believe it. I feel like I could just scream and cry and give all of you a hug! Isn't this so fun! Today's episode is with my friend Jen Hatmaker and it's of course so much fun! Jen is a mom to five, wife to Brandon, speaker, author, and HGTV star. Her newest book, FOR THE LOVE, just released yesterday and if you haven't ordered it yet you should! You will love it!


On this episode we chat about the shows Jen loves that I was trying to get on board with: So You Think You Can Dance & Gilmore Girls, and you will all be disappointed that since we recorded this I haven't watched one more episode of those. We talked about the book that my husband, Aaron, is writing, and some of her older books and how her writing has grown and changed over the years. We discussed racism and how to chat with our kids about this issues. Plus lots more fun stuff!  You will love this show.

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I have lots of fun stuff for you guys today! Jen is graciously giving away FIVE copies of FOR THE LOVE which each also include the newest bracelet from Noonday that is made in Haiti.


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