*UPDATE* Many of you might have downloaded this podcast yesterday and then realized it wasn't all there. I had some technical difficulties and the interview with Tasha wasn't there when I originally posted yesterday. I've fixed it and all should be working now. Also we recorded this a few months ago, and feel as though it's very timely considering what happened yesterday in Charleston. I'm praying for our entire country right now, and hopefully this conversation will be helpful for you.

Jamie Logo BlackHappy Hour #44 is with my friend Tasha Morrison. Tasha is a bridge-builder, reconciler, fellow abolitionist, and a compelling voice in the fight against human trafficking. Having worked with youth and served as a Children’s & the Next Gen Director, she has developed an untamed passion for social justice issues across the globe. Tasha is using her compelling voice to encourage racial reconciliation among all ethnicities and promote racial unity in America. She has an unwavering passion to develop others to do the same. Tasha is a native of North Carolina were she attended East Carolina University and earned a Masters in Business from Liberty University in Virginia. Tasha spoke on the behalf of Not for Sale, Cobb County Commission for Family and Children and Allies Against Slavery. She moved to Austin in 2012, and joined Austin Oaks Church as their Children’s Pastor. She is currently building a ministry to address racial bridge building called “Be the Bridge”.


As a frequent speaker at trainings and workshops, Tasha is known for her entertaining, engaging, and gracious presentations that captivate and persuade audiences to use their gifts and passions to fight and standup to injustices. Her tenacious spirit and faith in God make her a dynamic speaker. Tasha works with various organizations in her community.  Tasha embodies the statement “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.”

Tasha and I had a great time discussing the beginnings of our racial reconciliation group, and what the group has mean to both of us. I asked Tasha if she thinks sharing with my black children about racism is setting them up to just expect it. Tasha shares about what happened when she tried to incorporate black history month at her high school. We talked about how to go out and find some friends to have these healthy conversations with.

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