Jamie Logo BlackHappy Hour #36 is with my new friend Meredith Toering. Meredith and I met at the If Gathering this past February and didn't get hardly any time to chat, and after our chat today I was wishing I had more time with her. You are going to love her!


The night we met at Guero's in Austin at the If: Gathering

Meredith is the International Director of Morning Star, an NPO that works with orphans and at-risk children (family preservation programs) who have very complex heart defects in China, Uganda, and India.


On today's show Meredith and I chat about how she ended up in China, and the amazing story of her parents adopting Brooke, the little girl she took care of during a summer internship. I also begged Meredith to give me all her parents secrets on raising kids that love to travel, love people, and want to serve people well. We also chatted about how she won a spot on the #styleforjustice trip with Noonday Collection and IJM.

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As soon as we finished recording I contacted my friends at Noonday to see about the clutch that Meredith and Jen created, and unfortunately they no longer sell it, BUT they have two for me to give away! So, all you need to do is leave a comment and you'll be in the running. I'll keep the contest open for a week and then we'll pick two winners (in the continental US only please) and you will get a new clutch for the Summer! You can't beat that. (Contest ends midnight on the 22nd)

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