Jamie Logo BlackHappy Hour #33 is with my new friend Asher Collie, who founded the organization, SOLE HOPE, which I will be visiting this weekend! Asher and her husband, Dru, moved to Uganda 2 years ago. They have six children from ages 16 to 2 year's old. They started SOLE HOPE in 2010 to help the Ugandan people with jiggers. They are loving on Ugandans and helping change lives every day.

Have you been to Uganda? What am I going to love?? Leave me a comment below. 

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I'm actually traveling to Uganda THIS FRIDAY to work with Sole Hope and see their ministry first hand. I'm beyond excited to meet Asher, the whole Sole Hope team, and see all they do first hand. I'm also going to get to visit Jalia & Daniel and see where they make jewelry for Noonday.

On this episode we chatted about how Sole Hope started, and what their mission is for the people of Uganda. Asher and her husband have adopted 3 children since moving to Uganda. Her story about adoption was so moving, and led us to talk about breastfeeding babies that don't come from your body! (I may or may not have shared a little too much info about my love for breastfeeding!) Asher shares about the Sole Hope Guest house and I know I'm going to love it. This episode was super fun for me, and I'm excited to meet her.

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Please note that in 33 episodes here's the first one where I have lost some audio. Somewhere between recording and editing I lost the last few minutes of our talk. It's okay because we get all the good stuff in first, but you'll be able to tell it cuts off quite drastically. Sorry!

Links from the show:

  • Article about the crocodile that was recently captured in Uganda that was giving me nightmares at night // Read HERE
  • Jiggers = Sand flea that burrows into your feet, lays eggs and then eggs multiply and it envelopes itself into its own egg sac. Read HERE about jiggers.
  • Asher created the pattern for the shoes and you can host a SHOE CUTTING PARTY and actually help create shoes for the children they help at the medical clinics.
  • VIDEO Asher watched that first exposed her to the world of jiggers.
  • If you are traveling to Uganda, check out the SOLE HOPE GUEST HOUSE. {Sole Hope Guest House Facebook page HERE}
  • Keep up with all the storytellers on the trip // Read HERE to see who will be on the trip with me.

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