Today’s guest on the Happy Hour Podcast is Jamie Wright.


Jamie writes at THE VERY WORST MISSIONARY. Her and her husband live in California and have three boys, one of which has already grown up and lives on his own. Jamie and I met each other a few years ago through some mutual friends, although we have never met in person. Isn’t that cool how in 2014 you can have friends that you have actually never met face to face. Love it!

In this podcast we discussed our kids growing up (she says middle school is the hardest), sex trafficking, Jamie’s trips with Exodus Road, and how Jamie is supposed to be writing a book.


Happy Hour Podcast #22 with Jamie Wright


  • If you have kids that have ventured through all the stages, which one was the hardest at your house?
  • If your kids are dating, do you treat their girl/boy friends the way you thought you would?

Happy Hour Podcast #22 with Jamie Wright (1)


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The song at the beginning and end is by our friends HOMESTEAD and it’s called I Ain’t Coming Home and you find the song on iTunes.


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